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Using Virtual Desktops in Windows 11

This page will explain how to use virtual desktops, also known as virtual spaces, on a Windows 11 system.

Table of Contents

What are Virtual Desktops?


  • Click the Task View button on your taskbar. By default, it is directly to the right of the search bar, and looks like a white square overlayed on a black square.

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      Alternatively, you can open Task View with the keyboard shortcut (Windows+Tab)

  • When you have Task View open, you will see every application you have open laid out in a grid, as well as your Virtual Desktops listed horizontally below.

  • Click the ‘New Desktop’ square containing a plus (“+”) symbol to create a new Virtual Desktop.

    • Additionally, you can use (Windows+Ctrl+D) to create a new Virtual Desktop.

  • The Virtual Desktops will be listed in numerical order, “Desktop 1”, “Desktop 2” and so on.

  • You can create as many Virtual Desktops as you wish, there is no limit.


  • You can optionally change the wallpaper for each Virtual Desktop. Whether you do this aesthetically or to help you stay organized is your choice.

  • Click on your Virtual Desktop of choice in the Task View menu.

  • After it has opened, right click anywhere on the Desktop as you would to change your actual Desktop wallpaper, and click ‘Personalize’.

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    You will then be quickly navigated to the Personalization section of your settings. Here you can set a wallpaper or theme as you normally would, except these settings will be unique to that Virtual Desktop.

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    You can go back to the Task View menu to see how it worked out.