Submit an ID photo

Photos for ID cards must comply with the following stipulations. The photo should look like a passport or driver's license photo.


  1. The image must be clear and properly aligned. Images that are blurry, misaligned, or otherwise illegible will be rejected.

  2. The image must not contain any other people or objects.
  3. The image must only include the head and shoulders of the subject. Larger images will be cropped.
  4. The subject must not wear hats, hoodies, sunglasses, or other coverings, unless it is medically necessary.
  5. The background must be plain or have a muted pattern or color.
  6. The image must use natural coloring. Filters and other effects are not allowed.
  7. The image must not contain any text. This includes lettering on clothing.

Submit an ID photo

  1. Send a valid image to OSD (
  2. Include the following information:
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Employee or Student ID number
    4. A scanned copy of a driver's license or another government-issued ID
  3. Allow 2-3 business days for processing.