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SPAM and more via Text Messages, SMS, or Cellular Calls

CSU nor anyone can stop SPOOFED emails or texts. The nature of these technology allows for impersonation. But one can be proactive and respond appropriately when they do arrive. 


For email CSU has taken the measures we can to stop these from coming to CSU email accounts and have created web records to authenticate ourselves (DMARC, DKIM, SPF). But this does not stop them from going out. It will only stop email from coming into CSU owned servers or give third party email providers a way to verify the email came from CSU.

If a CSU email account has become compromised and is sending out spam emails, CSU can research and usually correct these issues, but we need users to report the issue with the offending email address, subject, and message content. This though while possible has been a rare issue at CSU. More often the issue is someone sends out an email pretending to be CSU or another email provider. That we cannot stop, but we have taken measures to hinder it as I mentioned before. 


Text Msg and SMS like email can also do impersonation. This makes it hard to stop all of these unwanted messages. CSU has no control on what comes in or out on texting, since we are not a text message service provider. Think Verizon, AT&T, etc… Users need to contact their cellular provider for assistance. Many cell providers will provide ways to mitigate or report this kind of misuse of their service.

To help mitigate against this you would be wise to setup your phone’s spam text / call blocking and to never reply to these kinds of messages. Blocking may require a third party app to act as a database of SPAMMERS and ROBO CALLERS. Be aware some tools may require them to give up some privacy in order to protect them. Be sure they read though any EULAs before they agree to a free or paid service.


These sites may help protect your phones. Any software or advice mentioned is the responsibility of you the user not CSU to verify is accurate. This information or sites may change at any time since CSU is not the authors of the following content.

What to do with Spammy texts…



How to protect oneself going forward.

iOS Configuration


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Malwarebytes - https://www.malwarebytes.com/ios/

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MalwareBytes - https://www.malwarebytes.com/andriod/