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What's next now that you have your new phone?

Your Yealink phone, desktop or web apps, and mobile app are now your new phone system.

That means your Vonage

  1. Will receive all calls coming from External callers

  2. Should be used to call external numbers or internal numbers

  3. No longer is 7 needed to dial an external line

  4. 570 is not needed for local calls, this is assumed if you do not use it

  5. Internal calls can still be placed using the 4 digit extensions

That means your CISCO phone…

  1. Is no longer needed

  2. IT will come around and collect them in the near future

  3. If you want to move this phone off your desk, please follow these directions

What should I do next…

  1. If you have not completed the training videos please do so.

  2. Be sure your phones greetings are all setup. Call your CSU number from your cell phone to listen to the greetings.

  3. Compare your CISCO phone screen to your Vonage Yealink phone screen. If any extensions are missing please email the helpdesk with the missing extensions and we will work in the days ahead to help with that.

  4. Call any extensions you are responsible for (Helpdesk, Operator, Admissions, Registrar, etc…) and confirm that the calling tree or phone messages are setup as desired. If not, submit a ticket and IT will arrange with you a process to setup the line properly.