Voicemail - Alternate Greeting

How to setup an alternate greeting for when you are out of the office.

As you prepare to be out of the office for the for any extended period of time, please be sure to (1) set up your out of office message in your email and (2) set up your voicemail greeting on your office phone.

Below you will find a script that you can use as well as instructions for how you can set up your phone with an ALTERNATE GREETING. Setting up the ALTERNATE GREETING allows you to set to auto turn off at the date of your choosing (this will help avoid out-dated voicemail greetings left on your phone). Please see the script and the instructions for how to set this up, and be sure to care for it before you leave the office. This is super important for customer service, so please care for it.


Set your ALTERNATE greeting From your desk phone:

  1. Select the MESSAGES button on your phone.

  2. Enter PIN

  3. 4 (setup options)

  4. 1 (change greeting)

  5. 3 (edit other greetings)

  6. 6 (edit alternate greeting)

  7. 1 (to re-record your alternate greeting)

  8. 3 (to turn on and off manually)

  9. 1 (to set an end date and time for the alternate greeting)

  10. Follow instructions from here to set the date and time and then exit out.



You have reached the voicemail of [insert your name]. CSU’s offices are closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays and will reopen on [insert day and date]. I will not be checking messages until I return on [insert day and date]. If you would like to leave a message, please do so and I will return your call…OR, if you would like to email me, you can do so at [insert your email address]. I will reply when I am back in the office.  Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.