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CSU is planning to move away from some copier based faxing to Vonage’s app based faxing system. This article is intended to walk you through the changes to keep you informed.

With the new Vonage phone system our faxing features and options have expanded. Features like…

  1. Centralized and decentralized computer based faxing.

  2. Send and receive faxes from computer via the Vonage desktop app.

  3. Fax from a department fax number or your phone extension via the Vonage desktop app.

  4. Attach multiple and mixed document types as fax content (Text, PDF, DOC files, etc…)

  5. Add a CSU customized cover page

  6. Send to more than one fax number in a single fax

  7. Preview of the fax

  8. Added privacy and security when sending faxes from your phone verses the publicly accessible copiers

  9. Fax confirmations emailed to you

  10. Department copier faxes that went away due to a copier move to a new location with no phone line can come back via the Vonage app (e.g. Admissions, FA)

  11. Vonage is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. These standards for file and information transfer should be adequate for FERPA compliance as long as we use the Vonage desktop app or copiers for faxing. We cannot email faxes and be compliant.

Because of the ability to fax from your PC we are planning to move most of the CSU department fax lines to faxing via the Vonage app. We do plan to keep a few local faxes, but they need to meet a few requirements.

  1. Need for a public fax – The Library fits this requirement. They have public faxing for students and other library patrons

  2. Need for faxing numerous hard copy pages – Think of send a printed dissertation or multipage contract via fax.

  3. The department copier is in a monitored location and is securable to prevent privacy or security issues.

IT is proposing that we limit department copier fax locations to the following locations.

  1. The Library – not a department copier, but public fax for in person use of out going faxes.

  2. The Business Office

  3. The Registrar’s Office

So how will we fax hard copies?

  1. You can always walk to the nearest copier with the ability to fax

  2. You can scan the page(s) at the nearest copier and then attach the file(s) from your Share drive to the Vonage desktop app

  3. You can scan the page(s) via your phone (Microsoft Lens to OneDrive) or a desk scanner and then attach the file(s) to the Vonage desktop app