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OWL Webcam Information

What is the OWL Webcam?

Your computer will see it as a Webcam. But it can do so much more than your standard webcam. It has the following features and more…

  • Panoramic view of everyone in the room

  • Built in room robust mic and speaker

  • Display up to three speakers in the room at once

  • Can follow the speakers voice or movement

Use Cases

  • Classes with a need to video conference in an outside speakers or remote students

  • Meetings needing to video conference with a number of campus people in the same room to one or more remote users

Rooms and Booking

The Library has agreed to manage the check in and out of the OWL webcams. If you will be needing one for your class or meeting please contact the Library ahead of time to schedule the device for your use.

If meeting in the President’s conference room, contact their office to book the room with their OWL. This OWL Webcam is intended for use in this conference room.

OWL Setup

These webcams are plug and play. IT has preconfigured them and locked them down so the setup cannot be changed. You should not need any other assistance in using them, but I recommend you familiarize themselves with the tech before you use it. Please keep in mind that a lack of planning on your part should not be a crisis for others. 

Dual OWL Usage

Dual OWL setups are usefully for larger rooms like JH 229 or Rec 209. This setup will require additional prep work so please plan ahead. Without IT’s support a dual OWL setup will not work.

Dual OWL Usage Requirements

  1. Reserve both OWLs weeks before the event.

  2. Please contact IT 2-3 weeks before you need support for a dual OWL setup

  3. Please arrange to have sole access to the location at least 45 minutes before the event

  4. Placement will require power for both setups so be sure the location has nearby power outlets

Dual Owl Setup Directions

OWL Labs Guide

Optimal Room Setup Options

Here are the optimal room setup options we recommend for use with the Meeting Owl Pro. All attendees should be seated within 18 feet (5.5 meters) of the Meeting Owl Pro to ensure they can be heard clearly when speaking by remote attendees.

1. U-Shaped Desk Arrangement

The U-shaped or horseshoe desk arrangement is best when presenters will be using the whiteboard. Place the Meeting Owl Pro at the front of the horseshoe desk arrangement for an unobstructed view of the whiteboard.

2. Circular Desk Arrangement

The cluster desk arrangement is best for meetings where attendees have to work together in groups or where the presenter(s) plan to walk around the room while talking. Place the Meeting Owl Pro in the center of the group so remote attendees can see everyone.


3. Cluster Desk Arrangement

The circular desk arrangement is best for discussion-based meeting where the speaker doesn’t need to write on the whiteboard. Place the Meeting Owl Pro in the center of the circle or table so remote attendees can be a part of the discussion.

OWL Training

Owl Labs provides the following guides to connect the OWL to a computer. Users of the OWL will need to know how their meeting software (Teams, Zoom, etc..) works in order to select the OWL for audio and video.

Guide - Step 3 can be ignored. IT has already done this

Here is another guide. Please note that not all of it is relevant, but I think it is informative.