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If you are unable to Find an Answer, you can Ask a Question for live support.

Support Hours

Support teams have varying hours. Please be patient as your ticket may arrive outside their normal business hours. Below are the primary hours and closure dates:
M-F, 8:30am - 4:30pm EST, CSU holidays, and other unexpected reasons.

Question guidelines

  • Post your Question in the correct category.
  • Choose a short, but descriptive title.

    Titles like “I need help” or “Please come help me” say nothing.

  • Describe the issue, error, or bug as well as you can.
  • Provide applicable information. For instance:
    • Your system (e.g. Windows)
    • Your device (e.g. Dell Inspiron Laptop)
    • The app or service that is not functioning
    • Whether you are on campus or not
    • An image of the issue

Ticket Etiquette

  • Only one related need/issue or support team per ticket
  • Only submit tickets for yourself. Others MUST submit their own tickets.
  • Email and phone call Questions are accepted. FYI our phone system will turn your call into a email ticket
  • Include a relevant summary in the subject and a detailed description of the Question to expedite the ticket.
  • Include the CSU Tag# if relevant, a phone number, and the preferred contact times if we deem it necessary to call you.

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