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How to sync preferences in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

How to sync internet browser history, settings, bookmarks, passwords, and more between computers and mobile devices,

and/or give yourself an alternate backup of your internet browser settings, bookmarks, and history.

You have been warned!!!

It is highly recommended that you create your own backup outside of anything mentioned in this article or related links by using each browsers export abilities to make a copy of your preferences. IT does their best to protect all files, but our backups are limited and in some cases may not cover what you are looking for. Please make a backup of anything you cannot loose and store on a medium not managed by IT (e.g. an external hard drive, USB drive, optical disk).


  1. Article from Google - Basic Setup
  2. Get your bookmarks, passwords & more on all your devices


  1. Article from Mozilla - Basic Setup
  2. How do I choose what types of information to sync on Firefox?

Microsoft Edge

  1. Article from Microsoft - Basic Setup
  2. Additional Help with Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari

  1. Article from Apple - Basic Setup
  2. Archive or make copies of the information you store in iCloud

Internet Explorer settings are not able to be backed up. But your bookmarks are since they are stored on your Favorites Folder of your T Drive (Home Folder). This is done for you and no additional setup is needed.