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Corporate and Department Greeting Setup

Personal Extension?

All users should use the Vonage desktop app to record, upload, and manage their voicemail system greetings. Please refer to the Vonage Training Check Sheet on using the Desktop App or the Vonage Software Guides for help setting up your voicemail.

First write out your greetings.

Before moving ahead it is recommended you write out your greetings. Please review the department greeting script at this link, https://clarkssummitu.atlassian.net/wiki/x/B4CIe .

Call Groups and Virtual Assistants

Change Voicemail Greeting

You can change your Call Group Voicemail greeting by calling Voicemail from any phone. (source)

  1. Call Voicemail.

    • From any phone, dial your Vonage Call Group phone number and press * when Voicemail answers.

  2. Enter your Voicemail password (PIN).

  3. Press 9 for Setup Options.

  4. Press 1 for Mailbox Setup and Greeting.

  5. Press 2 for Normal and Extended Absence Greetings.

  6. Press 1 to Review Your Current Greeting.

  7. Press 2 to Record Your Greeting.

  8. Record your greeting after the tone and then press # to save.