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Call Queue

Sign In/Out of Call Queue

From a Vonage desk phone, computer, or mobile App

  • To sign in, Dial *90 and then enter the Agent ID code when requested.

  • To sign out, Dial *91 and then enter the Agent ID code when requested.

Status Page (web interface)

Using the Vonage Web App

The Call Queue status page displays real-time information on the selected Call Queue. This includes how many agents are logged in, how many are available, average wait and connect times, and how many customers are waiting in the queue. The Super User and Administrators can also log an agent in and out of the queue by going to the Call Queue Agents section and toggling the Log In or Out button.

  1. Click the Admin icon and then click Call Queues.

  2. Hover over the Extension you want to view and click the Magnifying Glass icon.

  3. Click the Refresh button (top right) to refresh queue statistics.

NOTE: Call data may take between 30 - 120 seconds to update. Additionally, same-day reports aggregate call queue statistics while the agent is signed in, but the data is only available for review after the agent signs out.