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Account Map

This table summarizes your Student Accounts, where they can be used, and how to reset them. Each row represents a different credential and is managed by separate systems.

Account Name Linked Service(s) Services Reset

Microsoft Login

Single Sign On options

Primary service:

Other services:

Email, Office Apps, Video Chat, Library Databases Reset
Student Portal Student Portal: https://portal.clarkssummitu.edu/ Grades, Class Schedule, Online class registration Reset
Payment Center Nelnet Payments: https://online.campuscommerce.com/signin/4NZ1J Pay your bill Reset
Micro Course Student's LMS Primary service:

Other services:

Course content & Online classes Reset
Library Checkout System

Used to renew checked-out books and place holds

Library Live Chat
eCampus Bookstore

CSU online book and apparel store (https://clarkssummitu.ecampus.com/).

Discover, buy, sell, or return books directly from this site as well as find CSU apparel.

The eCampus staff can handle all customer service needs

Buy Books Support Site