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WiFi Issues

Try each of these apart from the other.

  1. Restart the computer.

  2. Attempt to confirm the WiFi of the laptop is turned on. If not, then turn the WiFi on

    1. Windows 10 Guide

  3. Forget the WiFi network.

    1. Forget the WiFi network (Windows)

      1. Type Settings in the Windows search box.

      2. Click Network & Internet.

      3. Click Wi-Fi on the left pane of the Network & Internet window.

      4. Click Manage Wi-Fi settings.

      5. Select the network name and click Forget.

    2. Rejoin the WiFi network

  4. Reboot your home WiFi router. This is only relevant to those at home with a wireless router or AP that one is allowed to manage.

If the above does not helped, please submit the following questions to your IT department

  1. Is the WiFi on?

  2. Can you explain what is not working? (e.g. Internet browser no pages, no wireless signals, no wireless networks to join, etc…)

  3. Can your laptop discover WiFi networks near you?

  4. When you click on the home WiFi network does it allow you to join? If not, did you get an y error messages?

  5. Can you connect to other WiFi networks? CSU, Starbucks, etc...

  6. What other symptoms are you experiencing?

If you are still having issues we will probably need to see the device or work on it remotely with you. But please submit in an email the steps you have done to join, access, or discover that you cannot connect to the home WiFi.

For further support please email your IT department with your answers from above.