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Managing Quarantined Email

Do you check your personal quarantined emails daily? As the emails arrives? Never?

Do you check your Shared Mailbox for quarantined email?


Microsoft Quarantine Portal


Personal Inboxes

Your inbox should receive quarantine email summaries daily for any new blocked emails.

Please review these emails as they arrive. See below for Email Review and Verification recommendations.


Shared Mailboxes

End users who have been granted access to shared mailboxes are also able to triage quarantine contents of those shared mailboxes through the quarantine notification and directly from the quarantine portal, https://security.microsoft.com/quarantine.

To avoid missing emails from our clientele please get in the habit of reviewing these emails daily at the URL mentioned above.

When using the recipient address filter, users with access to shared mailboxes can use the filter to look up quarantine items for the shared mailboxes.

Email Review and Verification

  1. Treat all incoming email under quarantine as malicious

  2. Delete obvious malicious emails

  3. Review in the portal the remaining emails by contacting the sender using a known contact method sourced from outside the email. This part is important since if the email is malicious, the contact info may also be malicious. When still in doubt contact helpdesk@clarkssummitu.edu.