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Add CampusVue Printers


This technique is a workaround for the lack of a system UI on the CampusVue remote app and will need to be done on each CVue server. We are working on a better solution so please be patient on this.

  1. Locate the CSU Copiers/Printers
    1. Launch CampusVue.
    2. Go to the Help menu and select Help on the Web.
    3. A browser window will appear.
    4. Reuse the browser window for each task as needed.
  2. Add a Remote App printer via the browser window from the above step
    1. Enter "\\print.clarkssummitu.edu" into Internet Explorers address bar.
    2. Double-click your printer in the list that is shown.
  3. Set the Printer as the default for CVue
    1. In the printer specific window single click Printer > Set as Default Printer (For addition help Add Windows Printers)
    2. In CampusVue, open Print Setup in the File menu.
    3. Set your default CVue printer for each scenario.
  4. OPTIONAL ADVANCED STEP to remove former printers
    See IT for help with this if you are not comfortable doing these steps.
    1. Enter "c:\windows\system32\"
    2. A Windows File Explorer Window will appear
    3. Find and Launch the application "CMD.exe"
    4. A black command prompt window will appear
    5. Enter "Control Panel" and press enter
    6. A Control Panel Window will appear
    7. Click "Devices and Printers"
    8. Select and delete the printer you want to remove
  5. Print Test
    1. Close any windows, other than CampusVue, with this icon
    2. Do a test print from CampusVue
  6. It your document prints you are done. If not please submit a helpdesk email ticket and IT will help you as soon as possible

Repeat as needed

This process may need to be completed more than once since it is a per server setup. It is recommended you check CampusVue printers each time you login until you have done this at least 3 times.

We are also experience an issue where printers go away ever time you open CampusVue for some users.

Additional Apple Support Documents: