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Using an Email Client

Follow these instructions to configure your Student Email.


  1. Your CSU Email address

  2. Your CSU Email password.

    If you still cannot locate your temporary password, you may request a password reset by emailing us at helpdesk@clarkssummitu.edu.


For access to all of the email features CSU uses it is recommended you use Outlook in the Web or Microsoft Outlook on any platform. Solely using third party applications are not recommended since they will not integrate all email features. CSU does not support any third party app. We will help as we can via email to configure the Microsoft Outlook apps.

  1. https://outlook.office.com
  2. Outlook Email applications on the desktop or mobile devices

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  1. Visit https://www.office.com.
  2. Click Sign in at the top right.
  3. Enter your CSU email address into the Email or phone box and your password into the Password box.
  4. Click Sign in.
  5. If prompted with a "Don't lose access to your account" screen:
    1. Click Set it up now.
    2. Choose two options from the list to configure.


      We recommend using the Microsoft Authentication App and an email address as part of the security setup. Be sure also to complete setting up the Authentication Email and Security Questions.

    3. Once this is complete, click Finish.

  6. From the list of icons in the greeting screen, click Mail.

  7. If prompted, configure your language and timezone.

Outlook Desktop, Laptop Computer, OS Specific Mail App, or Outlook Mobile

An alternate option is to add your CSU email to Outlook or any other email client that supports Exchange Server protocols.

  1. Download your email client
    1. Outlook 2021 from Office365.com
    2. Outlook Mobile from the App stores
    3. Device OS mail app from the App store
  2. Follow these directions from Microsoft, https://support.office.com/en-us/article/add-an-email-account-to-outlook-6e27792a-9267-4aa4-8bb6-c84ef146101b
  3. Enjoy your email client.

Apple Mail

The client MUST support Modern Authentication like MFA or 2FA

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Internet Accounts
  3. Select Exchange
  4. Enter in the information it requests to setup your mail account
  5. Follow all prompts to auto set up the account.

Manual Settings (POP, SMTP, or IMAP)

To use a client that does not support EXCHANGE natively you can find directions below from Microsoft.

The client MUST support Modern Authentication like MFA or 2FA.

Service POP (incoming) IMAP (syncing) SMTP (outgoing)

Office 365

Server: outlook.office365.com

Port: 993

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Server: outlook.office365.com

Port: 995

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Server: smtp.office365.com

Port: 587

Encryption: STARTTLS