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Phone System Training Guide

  1. Log into the Vonage website

    1. Go to https://app.vonage.com

    2. Use the Single Sign-On option button ONLY (Vonage SSO Log in Guide)

      Navigate through the site and become familiar with the layout. 

    3. If needed, download the desktop app to your Office PC and install it.

      1. On a school owned PC, if you get a firewall questions, click the firewall messages cancel button and ignore it.

      2. Download site - desktop and mobile apps can be found here

      3. If canceling the permissions window does not work, email helpdesk@clarkssummitu.edu and we will arrange to install it.

    4. This is optional but very useful. Download the mobile app to your phone or tablet

  2. Policy Summary

    1. Voicemails go to your CSU work email

    2. Use the Single Sign-On option

    3. Enable MFA when available

    4. Use your CSU phone number for all business calls, texting, or faxing

    5. Do not share your CSU email password

    6. Configure your Vonage Greetings for normal work days and your out of office (OOF) days.

  3. Complete the video training.

    1. Video

      1. VBC Mobile App Webinar

      2. VBC DesktopConnect Webinar + Yealink T46/T48 Desk Phones

    2. Alternate Video Training - Live interactive webinar

      1. Follow this link, Webinar Link

      2. Select Mobile App Features and Settings and End User Training

      3. For End User training select your phone (Yealink T46 or T48)

  4. Visit the links for additional guides

    1. This is a resource for your future needs.

    2. VBC Desktop and Mobile Apps

    3. Phones (Yealink T42, T46 or T48)

    4. Contact center

    5. Training Site for all of the Video and Guides

  5. Review and store the Phone manual

    1. This should have been left with your new phone

    2. An online PDF version can be found here at the Crib Notes page.

  6. Test out the features in the Desk Phone, Vonage computer and mobile apps.

    1. Until we move your phone number over to our new provider the apps and the desk phone are best used for internal 4 digit extension calling only 

    2. Try calling a CSU office from all of the calling options you now have.

  7. Setup your phone greetings

    1. Voicemail and voice prompts are easily configured via the desktop app. A mic will be needed, unless you have the app call your desk or mobile phone.

    2. The above training will have demonstrated how to do this.

    3. See Communications recommend voicemail message here.