Create your Student Portal account

  1. Navigate to the Student Portal website at
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Student Portal Homepage.
  4. Click Create a New Account.
  5. On the New Account Creation page, complete all of the fields (required).

  6. Click Next.
  7. The Email Address Verification page will show your current Student Email address. Please ensure that you have access to this account.

    Setup your Student Email

    If you have not set up your Student Email, please follow these instructions: Set up your Student Email

    Cannot access your Student Email?

    1. If the email address is correct, click Next.
    2. If the email address ends with "" click Next.
    3. If the email address is wrong, click No and then follow the directions to update your email address.
  8. On the Login Information page, create a username and password.


    We recommend that you set your username in the format 'firstname.lastname' and use a strong password.

    The username and password that you select will only work on the Student Portal website.

  9. Open your Student Email.
  10. Find the email from the Student Portal and then follow the directions within it. This message will be sent from
  11. After you have completed the final steps outlined in the email, make sure that you can log in to your Student Portal account.